LCARS-Next-Gen: A new theme for GetSimple

LCARS-Next-Gen is a theme for the Get Simple CMS. It is designed to resembled the computer displays from the Enterprise-D (NCC-1701D) from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

It is written in HTML5 and CSS3, uses a custom font for display headings, and supports both get_header() and get_footer() hooks. It also includes the HTML shim, enabling support of HTML5 elements in Internet Explorer 6-9. It includes a single navigation bar and dual sidebars to the right of the main content area.

It also includes a custom font that replicates the appearance of the text.

It is printer friendly, printing the content only (specifically, the header, navigation menu, footer, and sidebars will not print). Additionally, if you are using the SA GS Admin Toolbar, those links will not print either.

For more information about this theme, including where to download it, please visit the Support page.


Thank you for using GetSimple CMS.

Published on stardate 2014.08.14

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Sidebar #2

The LCARS-Next-Gen Theme supports a second sidebar in this location.

To learn how to activate it, and to get usage hints, view the demo installation here.

Here are examples of sidebar headings:

H1 heading

H2 heading

H3 heading

H4 heading

H5 heading
H6 heading